Women’s Ministry

Woman Reading
Monday Bible Study. On Monday afternoons at 1:00, women are invited to be part of a long tradition at Seaview, the Monday afternoon Bible Study Group. Founded by Lillian Wise over forty years ago, this group still studies the Bible together, mining it’s truth and seeking to weave it into their lives. They have had many teachers over the years. Currently, our pastor is teaching the Covenants that are made in the Bible between God and the people who follow. 
Women of Seaview. Every woman in our church is part of this fellowship. Paula Dollarhide is point person. There are seasonal activities that draw all of the women together. The women of Seaview are also involved with mission projects, like making treat bags for shut-ins, rolling bandages for White Cross, and sending Love Gifts for urgent special needs for missionaries. Barbara McCauley organizes our White Cross ministry.
The Lunch Bunch meets monthly, sometimes to share a meal, sometimes to spend time in hearing each other’s journey, sometimes to talk about something they have read together. We worship, study, pray, and work together, but we don’t take the time to “know” who we are. So, if you have a story or just want to get to know one another a little more, come join us! Check the calendar for Lunch Bunch. We love to be together.

The Lunch Bunch met to choose the novel, The Language of Sycamores  by Lisa Wingate,  for summer reading.  Described  by Booklist as positive and uplifting, it’s an easy read about sibling love and secrets.  Hazel DeCasien has agreed to open her home on a Friday in October  to discuss the book.  If interested, you may  contact Marguerite Heaton-Colella if you want a book, or any of the Lunch Bunch for more information.  Both Marguerite and Claudia Mars have read the book already.

Women in the Workplace is an evening small group for women who, because of work commitments, can’t make daytime activities. It meets in a local restaurant where they order off the menu. Each pays for her own meal. These women fellowship and share ideas about how to grow in their relationships with the Lord and each other. Look on the calendar for Women in the Workplace.  Please let Nancy Park know if you are interested in attending.  You can speak with her at church or leave her a message at 653.0519.