Seaview Good News
January 15, 2020
At Seaview, we are looking to bless the children of our community through Vacation Bible School this summer. No, it’s not too early to start thinking about this.Tomorrow evening, January 16 at 7:00 we will get together to plan our Funshop for February 29. This is where we become the host for all the churches in our area to learn about this year’s theme from Group Publishing, Rocky Railway. This is work for the Kingdom of God in that we get to serve the churches so they can bless the kids in their communities. We need everybody to come and take a piece of the action to gather materials for props and refreshments. Meet in Room 114.
We are making a move in worship time on Sundays to 10:30 AM starting February 2. On Sunday, our moderator Dr. Larider Ruffin led a meeting right after worship. Working by consensus, Dr. Ruffin made the proposal initiated by the Worship and Music Committee and asked for any discussion. No one voiced anything against the proposal, so the decision was made effective February 2. There will be more discussion regarding Sunday School classes. The suggestion right now is that classes begin promptly at 9:30 for 45 minutes, meaning they will conclude at 10:15 in order to prepare for worship.
In Discipleship Training on Wednesday evenings, we have almost finished the book The Magnificent Journey by James Bryan Smith. It convenes in the Chapel at 6:30 PM.
Our Chancel Choir is back to work next Wednesday after Discipleship Training at 7:45 in the Sanctuary. We have excellent direction with Paula Dollarhide at the helm. Choral singing is important to blending the rich diversity of any church or community. Accomplished English musician John Rutter speaks to this importance in a 3 1/2 minute YouTube video. He refers to it as the soul of a church or community. It’s inspiring as he speaks with his beautiful piece “The Lord Bless You and Keep You” in the background. Take a listen by clicking on the link below. Play it for several seconds before he begins to speak. 
Please make sure your calendar has our Annual Congregational Meeting on it for 4:00 on Sunday, January 26. At 5:30 we will break for a covered dish dinner. If your dish needs to stay warm you can place it in one of the ovens in the church kitchen. After dinner we will receive the reports for nominations and budget, concluding with a time for open discussion.
We are praying for Cassie Parsons as she recovers from swelling in one of her legs. We add Andy Schaeffer who found out in some testing on Monday that he will need some cardiac bypass surgery in the near future. He is back to work. He and Paula need wisdom in some decisions to be made. Paul Anselm is feeling much better after his physical therapy and, while not pain free in his hip, finds it much more bearable. Hazel DeCasien continues her therapy as well. Thank you all for your faithfulness in praying.
January 11, 2020
“The habit of discernment is an attitude of listening to God in all of life. It is a life of prayerful attention to God; seek to live in our holy Center, our home in God. The eye of the heart grows accustomed to recognizing, almost spontaneously, those movements that are drawing us into oneness with ourselves and all creation in God and those that tend to isolate us even from ourselves.” -Rose Mary Dougherty, Discernment: A Path to Spiritual Awakening
Worship tomorrow places us at God’s elbow. With an emphasis on what it means to be baptized into the Body of Christ, we are invited to gaze into the scene of the baptism of Jesus. There was no sin to remove. He was making a declaration as to his mission as a servant. Songs will include I Will Follow, Be Thou My Vision and O Church of Christ Invincible. Find out more by checking out the Seaview Bulletin online:
Time change? There will be a meeting immediately after worship, before we leave the sanctuary, to consider the proposal by the Worship and Music Committee that we make a permanent commitment to set our worship time to 10:30 on Sundays. We moved our Sunday worship time to 10:00 on July 1 to see what the response would be. For some it was a welcome move. For others it did not work quite as well. In the spirit of cooperation and seeking to find a time that meets in the middle, our moderator, Dr. Larider Ruffin, will lead this meeting. Please submit it to prayer before you arrive. We want what is best for the Lord to inhabit the praise of the people.
REACH, our youth group for those in 6th through 12th grades resumes meetings tomorrow evening at 6:00 in Room 205. Games, worship and study in the Book of Revelation will anchor the meeting.
Our Annual Congregational meeting is scheduled for January 26 at 4:00. The first hour and a half will bring us back to our fall retreat as we do some more small group work on our Kingdom Concept by examining local need, our collective potential and spiritual passion. Dinner will be covered dish style. (If you ave a hot dish, you can keep it warm in the oven in the church kitchen.) After dinner we will hear the reports of the mission and general treasurers, act upon nominations for boards and officers and set budget for 2020. A time for open comment and discussion will also be provided.
Thank you to all who have submitted reports from their ministries to the church office for inclusion in the Annual Report. Mary needs your digital copy in the church office by Monday if you still have not yet written yours.
Advisory Council meets on the second Thursday of the month to coordinate our ministries and seek wisdom for direction. With a desire to be more responsive to the thoughts and aspirations of the whole body of the church, meetings will now be open for anyone to attend who desires to do so. There will be opportunity at the beginning of the meeting for commentary and questions from anyone who desires to share. While discussion during the body of the meeting will be limited to the members of the council, a time at the conclusion of the open meeting will give another chance to observers to comment on anything that has been discussed during the meeting.
Barbara Garth is now out in sunny California as her daughter, Kim, had surgery yesterday. Kim is in a fair amount of pain but hopes to be able to return to her home in the next day or so where nurse mom will take good care of her. She is grateful for your prayers. We are also praying for Hazel DeCasien as she recovers from a sprain and begins therapy to regain her strength.
The Lunch Bunch will meet next on January 24 at NOON at The Windjammer in Somers Point. This gathering of Seaview’s women shares a meal and the presence of God at work in their lives. Please let Claudia Mars know if you plan to attend.
Chancel flowers tomorrow will be in honor of the Rev. Kurt and Mrs. Barbara Frank. They now live in Georgia after a long and fruitful career of serving the Lord. The Franks served at Seaview in the late 1960s into the first part of the 1970s.
December 27, 2019

Our Christmas Eve Candlelight Worship began with a tradition that hails from Cambridge, England, where a child sings the fist verse of Once in Royal David’s City acapella. For us, Shelby Lynn Ruffin was that child and she did a wonderful job at leading us. Check our Facebook page to see her sing. We were also blessed to have O Holy Night sung by Marguerite Heaton-Colella as well as a duet of Some Children See Him by Aiden Parent and Pastor Frank Reeder.

REACH, our youth group for those in 6th through 12th grades will be gathering at the home of Dave and Ayllen Chong this coming Sunday, December 29 at 6:00 PM. It’s party time so the kids can come together for some fun and games and food during the holiday break. Food will be the gift of the Chongs and the Reeders.

Now that we are in Christmastide, we will continue to focus on the wonder of Jesus’ birth when we come to worship. The Christmas season actually extends through January 5. This coming Sunday we will sing the traditional French Carol Sing We Now of Christmas. There are many adaptations on YouTube and we have included on here for you to listen to and and even enjoy singing to before we gather in worship on the coming Sunday.

Is there Bible Study on Monday afternoon, December 30? Yes! Feel free to come and be part of the energetic discussion around 1 Corinthians 14.

We are sorry to announce that Paul Anselm had a pretty rough fall on Monday at home. He is okay and his daughters are taking good care of him. This may keep him away from us for a few weeks. Please remember him in prayer.

Thank you to the contributors for our Angel Gift Tree. There is quite a nice outpouring of kindness under the tree for at risk youth at Covenant House, Atlantic City. But there is still time if you want to bring in your gifts this Sunday.  Gifts need not be wrapped. Return them under the tree through New Years Day.

Pastor Frank and Kathy Reeder are grateful for the generosity of so many in this wonderful Seaview congregation who contributed to a Christmas gift given on Christmas Eve. Many gave individual gifts and sent cards. While the Reeders do not send cards to folks in the congregation, each one is read and they are warmed and filled by the love that has been shown. Thank you for being a blessing!