Seaview Good News
October 10, 2020

Tomorrow as we gather for worship at 10:30, either in person or by live-stream, we will venture into a piece of Israel’s history that they would probably rather forget. We all have those kinds of days. Moses was up on the mountain receiving the law. The people were demanding a god they could touch. One day they would experience that in the coming of Jesus. But for now they were being asked to trust the God Moses was revealing to them, not a golden calf. When God intends to inflict judgement, Moses intercedes on their behalf. As a result God’s gracious blessing upon his covenant people is renewed.

During this time of pandemic, some would see it as a judgement from God. Yet in Christian churches across then globe, a song of blessing has be raised. “The Blessing” has been sung in various languages and among many people groups. We will introduce it tomorrow in a simple version to conclude worship. You may go online right now to listen to a version that was sung by representatives of 100 churches in the United Kingdom. Notice the rich variety of voices and faces The link is

It seems we are overwhelmed with prayer concerns right now. Because Art and Barbara McCauley are fighting a battle with Covid-19, they rise to the top of the many people we are gently holding before the Lord. There is no more new to report today than that Art is still in ICU and Barbara has improved. Amelia Balderas is a national treasure and the fact that she is dealing with a tough disease and on hospice brings us to our knees on her behalf. Terri and Richard also need God’s tender hand of mercy. You may write to Amelia at her daughter, Lonni’s home, where she enjoying good care. The address is 757 Holland Lane, Romesville, IL 60446. Heather Parsons is living with shingles … ouch and burn! Mercy! And Doug Harvey asks that we pray for his friend Dan, who has a painful disease that attacks the nervous system. We would be glad to add anyone from Seaview to our Prayer Page on Facebook. Just email Matt in the church office at

This is World Mission Offering (WMO) month. Every October, individuals and congregations come together for a time of awareness, advocacy, and action for global mission. Thousands across the country celebrate and support the ministries that God is using to transform the world. This is the World Mission Offering and gifts can be received by using the envelope in your bulletin or simply sending a gift to the church office labeled for WMO. See a video from Sharon Koh, Executive Director of ABCUSA International Ministries that supports 125 missionaries worldwide.
October 5, 2020

First and foremost, we are grateful for the many people who have been praying for Art and Barbara McCauley. It was made crystal clear to them today that they needed to move to a hospital for the care that they need to overcome Covid-19. They are on intense therapy there. They ask that you do not call. Yet they will be pleased to know that you are praying and have sensed it in their spirits. You all are serving in the very best way you can when you do. 

Our good brother, Mike Carney, has another wrinkle in his care that means a trip to the hospital to figure out a new regimen of therapy. He plans to head there on Wednesday. Please pray that the doctors have extraordinary wisdom.

And continuing our prayer ministry, we want to continue praying for Lyda Huff’s grandson Joshua. He spent a few months in the hospital, underwent surgery, and is not at home. However, he is very weak and needs a lot of care. Eating is very difficult. He has been among us so often and it is a heart breaker. Our generous and healing God knows just what he needs. 

Our Advisory Council has been working on outreach to our community and are introducing three ways you can become part of the care. In a nutshell they are (1) prayer walks, (2) notes of encouragement to residents at Meadowview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center and (3) snacks for our teachers who are working long hours under the pressure of the pandemic. Beginning Wednesday morning, you should be able to go to our website to find more extensive information as to how you may get involved. Let’s love our community to life.

On Wednesday, October 7 at 2:00, women and men are invited to Picnic Grove behind our parking area for a time of fellowship, song and prayer. Marguerite Heaton-Colella and Karen Flexer are giving leadership. Bring a song, a prayer, a devotion, a story, and enjoy some time together. Make sure you are masked and provide your own lawn chair. It is supposed to be a beautiful day. This enjoyable time should last about an hour.
October 3, 2020

The first part of this newsletter is dedicated to praying for those who are dealing with Covid-19. The President and First Lady Melania Trump are now feeling the effects of this merciless disease. It matters little what you think of his leadership. He is loved by God and those who follow Jesus will pray for the first family.

Much closer to home is knowing that Art and Barbara McCauley have been diagnosed with Covid-19. Now residents at the beautiful Riverview Estates, our Baptist residence for senior adults on the Delaware River, they have been carefully tucked away during this pandemic. What they thought was simply flu has turned out to be more serious. If you know Art and Barbara, you can be sure they are praying and trusting the Lord through this. Art has particularly been effected and is weak, while Barbara feels exhausted from caring for her beloved husband. Let’s keep the prayer fires burning for our dear friends.

We have simple ways to combat Coronavirus. Let us not grow weary of doing the caring thing. Wear a mask when you are in close proximity with those beyond the close circle of family with whom you live. Keep using soap and water or hand sanitizer throughout the day. Maintain at least six feet of distance between you and those not in your inner circle. Avoid crowds. Stay home and stay connected with loved ones by the many ways available to us. Keep politics out of the equation. Pray, asking God for help for researchers and an end to the disease that has now taken the lives of more than a million people worldwide.

We are also praying for Art and Barbara’s daughter, Susan Sussmeier, who has been hospitalized for serious complications with diabetes. You can perhaps imagine how hard this is on the family when it is difficult to be with her due to pandemic restrictions. Amanda is her primary caregiver.

Last night, Sarah Harvey was part of a panel discussion of four American Baptist university students who spoke to the issues of pandemic, racism and faith. This was the final webinar of a series leading up to our first virtual ABCNJ Annual Session beginning today at 10:00 AM. Sarah and Taylor Trenard are both recipients of a $1000 emerging scholar award from ABCNJ.

This coming Wednesday, October 7 at 2:00, a gathering is planned in our Picnic Grove in back of the church parking lot. Led by Marguerite Heaton-Colella and Karen Flexer, there will be time for prayer, music and devotions. All are welcomed to share. The meeting should be about an hour. Bring your own chair, a mask, and a heart filled with thankfulness and hope.

Tomorrow as we worship, you are invited to join us by live-stream of in person at 10:30. Prepare for communion by having bread and cup ready if you are worshipping from home. The Old Testament lectionary reading is the Ten Commandments from Exodus 20. These are well known. Yet Jesus sheds new light on how they are to be lived. Go online by clicking the link below to download the most recent bulletin which will give you the order of worship.
October 1, 2020

Warm greetings to each of you and all of us together in the name of our gracious God. For many months, we have been waiting upon the Holy Spirit to draw us together in unity as we seek the future of our church in mission. We have prayed and talked together and now believe we have some direction for the future as it regards our leadership. Our lead pastor, the Rev. Dr. Frank Reeder has served among us for almost twelve years. He has expressed a desire to scale back his leadership at Seaview while continuing to focus on his teaching and counseling ministry.
We therefore recommend to the congregation that a pastoral search committee be formed to seek another lead pastor as Pastor Reeder continues in his current call until that person is found who will take leadership as lead pastor. Our By-Laws call for a search committee to be formed from a member appointed by each program board (4), the clerk (1) and two (2) people drawn at large from the congregation.
Please regard this letter as official notice of Pastor Reeder’s intent to vacate the office of lead pastor after a suitable replacement assumes this call. Pastor Reeder will be available to serve the church at the pleasure of the new lead pastor in that he will continue to live in the community.
As followers of Jesus Christ, we are a people of hope. Please pray with us. We seek wisdom from God as the next season of Seaview’s ministry unfolds.
Yours for the Kingdom of God,
David Chong              Karen Flexer               Lisa Harvey
Frank Reeder            Andy Schaeffer 

The Advisory Council of Seaview Baptist Church
September 26, 2020

Autumn has arrived and with it some cooler temperatures. Dusk is arriving earlier every evening. And a few more activities have begun again with the Seaview family. Our Monday afternoon Women’s Bible Study is now meeting in Fellowship Hall at 1:00. Everyone remains masked and sits in a properly distanced arrangement. The first study last Monday was well attended and it felt good to be able to be together again. Feel free to join the study of 2 Corinthians. You can jump in at any time.

Beginning Monday, September 28, our regional ABCNJ Annual Session week starts. Every evening at 7:00, there is something to be part of virtually. Find the schedule at and click on the colorful tree that will show you what is being offered and how you can sign up. All webinars are free, but you must sign up at least 24 hours ahead.

Taylor Trenard and Sarah Harvey are both recipients of the 2020 Emerging Scholar Awards from ABCNJ in the amount of $1000. They distinguished themselves by writing thoughtful essays that reflect their faith journey as connected to their education. They will be recognized at the Friday evening, October 2 webinar at 7:00. The panel discussion will center on the impact of COVID-19 and racism on their education, spirit; wellbeing, and social lives. Don’t miss this. Watch by signing up before Friday at

Wednesday evening Discipleship and Prayer will be available throughout the autumn season. Our discussion centers around the invitation of the Trinity to come and join them in community and learn from God what that looks like. How do Father, Son and Holy Spirit relate to one another. What does that community teach us about the nature of faith, hope and love? Richard Rohr’s The Divine Dance is the book being used. Even if you have not read ahead, you are welcomed. Ask Pastor Frank if you would like to be included in this zoom virtual class. He will be sending out the complete study guide to all participants.

Our dear friends and mission servants, Randy and Sandy Moyer, are having their first in person worship service tomorrow in St. Etienne, France. Like all of us, they long to be together and to do it safely. We are remembering them in prayer as they begin, that they will have a joyful reunion and that it will be done with the care needed so no one gets sick.

Tomorrow, our worship, both live-streamed and in person, will use Exodus 17:1-7 as our guiding text. Israel had been delivered from slavery and bondage in Egypt. But they still were not satisfied. What can we learn about being “on the way” and having quit a bit of the journey in front of us? What did Moses do? What assurance did God give to the people so they would not lose heart? There are applications here to living through a pandemic. Join us at 10:30. Come with a heart to burst out in worship whether you stay home to participate or you come in person. You can go to our website homepage,, click on the bulletin icon, read the scriptures and review how God is calling you to exuberantly present yourself in worship. Remember that it is everyone’s responsibility to “prepare the way of the Lord.” 

Don’t forget that we have a Seaview Prayer Page on Facebook, for you to share anything that is on your heart for prayer. That way, we can join you. Ask to become part by sending a message to Pastor Frank or Administrative Assistant, Matt Foss, in our church office. The page is private and by invitation only to preserve confidentiality.
September 8, 2020

We are saddened to learn that our good brother, George Breese, has left us to enter the heavenly cloud of witnesses. He has been in the hospital much of the summer after learning of and having surgery for a very serious disease. He stayed in touch with Paul Anselm who interpreted his condition and was the one to learn that George entered into the fullness of God’s Kingdom last Friday. He was a regular greeter at Sam’s as well as at Seaview. He loved singing in the choir and serving as a Deacon. No plans have been made yet for a service. George was one of a kind and brought a smile to our faces often. We thank the Lord for his life and service.

Joan Hofmeister learned today that her nephew, Kevin, also passed into the arms of our gracious God. Kevin lived in Georgia and lived courageously with cancer. His mom, June is in ICU fighting Covid and is too serious to learn about this. We offer our prayers for the family as they feel this loss and continue to hope for June’s recovery.

Andy Schaeffer’s sister-in-law Kathy, finished her life early this morning in her sleep. She also lived with cancer. Her husband and Andy’s brother, John, died a few years ago. We are graced by the confidence that eternity is reigned over by our God of mercy whose love is grander than we can ever imagine. The apostle Paul’s prayer in Ephesians 3:19 is that we might know the love of Christ which surpasses knowledge, that you may be filled up to all the fullness of God.
September 5, 2020

Tomorrow we gather at the Lord’s Table to celebrate the feast of of God’s presence with us and remember Jesus’ sacrificial love. The title of the message is “The Best Blood Donation” from Exodus 12:1-14. Many of us have donated blood which has been used to preserve the lives of others. It is a powerfully gracious gift and gives us a bit of the richness of what Jesus has done for us. You are welcome to worship with us in person or by live-stream on Facebook. If you come by live-stream, you are invited to prepare some bread and juice or wine to use in joining in the Lord’s Table with us.

Discipleship Training Group continues on Wednesday at 7:00 PM by Zoom. Using the icon by Andrei Rublev entitled The Trinity (or The Hospitality of Abraham) Richard Rohr’s book The Divine Dance invites us to embrace God’s invitation to the table of communion, to feast and dance with the Lord. You are welcomed to be a part of the group whether or not you have done the reading. And you can be there for only one of the meetings if you want to get a taste of it. One participant said getting the book hooked her and she cannot put it down. Just let Pastor Frank know and he will send you the zoom link. A. few books are available for asking at $10.00. Or you can order it through Amazon in Kindle or hard copy form.

We expect to resume the Monday afternoon 1:00 Bible Study group in person on September 21 in Fellowship Hall. Participation will be limited to a small group and proper distancing will be observed. Let Barbara Garth know if you are interested and have any questions.

Today is Amelia Balderas’ 95th birthday. Check out the video Terri did for her mom, chronicling Amelia’s life on Facebook. We are in awe of the way God has inhabited kind and thoughtful vessel of grace over the years. Tomorrow’s chancel flowers will be in honor of Amelia.
Advisory Council meets this month for it’s regular meeting on this coming Thursday, September 10 at 7:00 in Fellowship Hall. Congregational participation is welcomed and there is time provided at the beginning and before the close of the public portion of the meeting for questions and discussion. If you come, we ask for proper distancing and usage of masks until all are seated and agree to safety standards.

Next Sunday, September, Dave Chong will meet with our youth in the Picnic Grove in back of the parking lot at our church building. He wants to help the kids to dream about movement forward as a new year of learning and service dawns. Meet at 6:00.
August 29, 2020

It’s a rainy day today, but tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful. Seaview’s doors will be open for those willing to come and worship in person at 10:30. We also offer live-streaming feed of worship through our Facebook page. One of the comments we have heard is the desire to spend some time in fellowship after worship. Connections are important. So the Trustees in meeting this past week decided that with masking and observing 6 feet of distance, we will be allowed to spend time indoors talking. No food will be offered and they ask that we continue to refrain from hand shaking and hugs. We are limited to 25 in a room at a time, but let’s enjoy some good conversation.

Tomorrow Seaview celebrates the 55th wedding anniversary of Susan and Randall Richards who were married by Pastor Olsen on August 28, 1965 at Seaview. The flowers in the chancel are a gift from the Richards who are blessed to be having an amazing married life together. They had hoped to worship in person with us but have decided to be with us by live-stream while vacationing in Ocean City.

Our hearts are saddened by the news that Steve and Kathy Link’s son, Richard, has died at the tender age of 29. Steve and Kathy attended Seaview for many years and Steve ably served as our treasurer. Richard was a member of the Atlantic City Police Department and a 2009 graduate of Mainland Regional High School. We join the Link family in trusting the gracious arms of a compassionate God as we envision Richard in our Lord’s divine care.

We had our first Wednesday evening Discipleship Training Group of the season on Wednesday at 7:00 PM by Zoom. Using the icon by Andrei Rublev entitled The Trinity (or The Hospitality of Abraham) Richard Rohr’s book The Divine Dance invites us to embrace God’s invitation to the table of communion, to feast and dance with the Lord. You can see a copy of the icon below. It is Rublev’s interpretation of the story from Genesis 18.  If you would like to be a part of the group, which continues Wednesday evenings this fall, just let Pastor Frank know and he will send you the zoom link. A. few books are available for asking at $10.00. Or you can order it through Amazon in Kindle or hard copy form.

We expect to resume the Monday afternoon 1:00 Bible Study group in person on September 21 in Fellowship Hall. Participation will be limited to a small group and proper distancing will be observed. Let Barbara Garth know if you are interested and have any questions.

Work Day last Saturday was a great success. Fallen trees from storms were cleared, sawed and stacked. Bushes and weeds were trimmed. Debris was picked up. Cleaning inside our church home was accomplished. A big thank you to the dedicated workers who came out. We know there were others who wanted to come but simply felt it wiser for them to remain at home.