Celebrate a Great Nation .. and more.

It is 239 times that the United States has celebrated the signing of the Declaration of Independence and the forging of a national experiment that has been a blessing to so many people. The US is not the only country celebrating this summer, nor is it the only country that God has blessed with the abundance of freedom and hope that America experiences. On July 1, Canada hoisted flags and sang with pride, O Canada, just as US citizens wave Old Glory and feel the lump in their throats singing O say can you see … On July 14, our friends in France remember the cost paid on Bastille Day as they followed the US in refashioning their country. Allons enfants de la Patrie (Arise children of the Fatherland) is their song of national pride. Switzerland is a flag waving nation with a white cross emblazoned on a background of red and each August 1, celebrates the foundation of the Swiss Confederacy in 1291. The English translation of a piece of the first verse of the Swiss Hymn is Pray to God, to Him surrender for you feel and understand that he dwelleth in this land. As the fireworks burst in the night sky over American soil in cities around country, let Americans sing with hearts filled with thanksgiving. And at the same time, let us be aware that there are other nations and peoples who God loves and wants us to lift to his heart. In Christ, all are one.