Becoming a Member
How Does a Person Become a Member of Seaview Baptist Church?
A person may become a member of this church by one of the following means:
  • Baptism – We teach believer’s baptism by immersion upon a profession of faith in Jesus Christ as one’s Savior and a commitment to following Him as the Lord of one’s life. This includes an acknowledgment of one’s sinfulness and a desire to be forgiven for that sin and a recognition that Jesus’ death on the cross was because of our sin.
  • Letter of Transfer – If a person belongs to another congregation, they may join the membership of Seaview upon our sending for their letter of transfer from that congregation. (Note: If a person is a member of another congregation but has not been baptized as a believer, we’d be delighted to encourage them in a recommitment of their life to Christ and believer’s baptism.)
  • Experience – If a person has had their membership in another church and it can no longer be traced (due to fire, or lost records, church closing, etc.) they may upon their profession of faith in Jesus as Lord and Savior be received into membership.
  • Restoration – This is when a person has become inactive in their membership here at Seaview and have been dropped from the church rolls. If they experience a renewal of spirit and wish to be restored to membership they may do so upon a recommitment of their life to Christ.